Apple launched official iTunes Music and Video Store in India

Apple has launched its Music and Video store in India. Users can buy or download songs or videos from apple stores through Indian currency. By this facility users can purchase music from a variety of local and international artists as well as rent movies and TV series. The only drawback may be the lack of international collections in its stores.

The songs were priced between Rs 12-15 per track and most albums ranging from Rs. 110 to Rs. 300 depending on how old the album is and its popularity.

Movie pricing varies between Rs. 290 to Rs. 500 for SD or HD movies. You also have an option to rent them at Rs. 80 for Bollywood content while International movies will be charged at Rs. 120.

Users can purchase and download music videos for priced between Rs. 15 and Rs 20 depending on content. Here you can visit apple store in in india.